Senior Citizen Services

  1. Emergency Preparedness for the Elderly

    It is more important than ever that all of us be prepared for possible emergencies.

  2. Health Care Fraud

    Health Care fraud is more common than you think. Take these 12 steps to protect yourself from healthcare fraud.

  3. Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving

    Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving is a State-funded program that provides a broad array of in-home services to enable an individual, at risk of placement in a nursing facility and who meets income and resource requirements, to remain in his or her community home.

  4. Online Social Security Services

    Today, with just a click of your computer’s mouse button, you can bypass highway traffic and office waiting lines and conduct business with Social Security.

  5. Preventing Falls & Injuries

    Here are some steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of falls and injury.

  6. Senior Resources

    Browse a list of resources for seniors.

  7. Vaccinations for Seniors

    Sign up to receive vaccinations through the Health Commission.