Traffic Safety

  1. Bicycle & Motorized Scooters Safety

    All motor vehicles operated on public roadways must be registered, insured and have the minimum required safety equipment.

  2. Child Safety Seats

    The Holmdel Police Department provides information for all inquiries regarding the proper installation of car seats.

  3. Distracted Driving

    They are the mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brother, spouses and friends to those who have died because people chose to take part in phone calls or text messages while driving.

  4. Driving While Intoxicated

    The Holmdel Township Police Department takes driving while intoxicated very seriously.

  5. Pedestrian Safety

    Read a printable pedestrian safety handbill.

  6. Safe Driving Tips

    Obtain safe driving trips from a variety of resources.

  7. Seat Belt Safety

    Read about seat belt laws in Holmdel.

  8. Special Duty

    The Police Department often receives inquiries about police officers directing traffic at a construction site when they should be patrolling the township.

  9. Teen Driver Safety

    Learn about driving safety for teens.